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All donations are used for supplies, uniforms and other needs for readying our youth for job readiness and a career of entrepreneurship.


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of chefs and business owners of underserved communities in the culinary and hospitality industry

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A Bit About Chef K

Lakisha Hunter -Chef Lakisha P. Hunter is known around the culinary and restaurant industry as “Chef K.” With 30 years in the industry, it is safe to say that cooking is not only her business – it is also her passion. Chef K is a licensed and ordained elder in her church and has obtained a BA in Christian Ministries and a MA in Urban Ministries. She is
the founder and owner of That Jerk Spot LLC, a catering service and mobile food truck business, and has worked throughout Chicago public high
schools teaching culinary arts, in addition to her experience as a restaurant and hotel manager.

Born and raised in the inner city of Chicago, Chef K has faced many challenges and obstacles as a young gang leader on the south side of Chicago. Cooking has been Chef K’s lifeline from surviving
in the underserved community to thriving today. 
A teacher noticed her promise and encouraged her to enroll in ProStart, a high school culinary
arts and management program, led by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. She excelled in ProStart which nurtured and developed her love for cooking. She went on to become a ProStart

educator and is currently providing training to participants in NRAEF’s HOPES program, utilizing hospitality opportunities to support reentry.


She is committed to giving back to youth and young adults who face similar challenges. Because of Chef K’s desire to give back she founded a mentorship program called "Rise Above the Ordinary,” which she uses to inspire and equip the next geeneration of chefs and future entrepreneurs

in the culinary industry through training and work readiness. 

To reach the heart of youth in need of mentorship and culinary training, Rise Above the Ordinary is a 4-week apprenticeship program designed to meet the culinary and social development needed for those enrolled in the program. The learning concepts in the culinary mentorship will include

Food Purchasing, Food Preperation, Cooking, Operating a

Food Truck and Catering business. The youth enrolled in Rise Above The

Ordinary Mentorship will also receive the proper channels needed to

create and start their own business venture while encouraging to stay the course and rise above all stigmas, biases, perceptions, and any other negative labels placed on youth by statistics.

While Chef K wears many hats and holds many titles, she’s most proud of being called “Mom” by her two loving boys – Kaden (6) and Christian (15) – as well as her bonus son – Jalen (20). Together, they fuel her passion, work, and commitment to the culinary industry.

"Inspiring the next generation of chefs and business owners

of Chicago in the culinary industry"

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