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R.A.T.O Food Truck


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What is R.A.T.O.?

Rise Above The Ordinary (R.A.T.O) encourages at-risk youth and those reentering society in a month-long apprenticeship program, which includes hands on culinary training, customer service skills  and social development.

How does R.A.T.O. work?

Participants currently train on "That Jerk Spot" food trailer owned by Chef K.  They learn how to run culinary kitchen and a successful food truck. The concepts taught in the program will prepare participants for work, entrepreneurship and life as a whole. We believe this complete experience will provide youth a second chance that may not be available to them outside of participating in the program.


R.A.T.O. is in need of more space to be able to operate more successfully. We are in need of $100,000 to purchase  a mobile  food truck/culinary kitchen to meet the high demands of  those who are eager to Learn, Love, and Live the life of culinary through R.A.T.O.

With your help, we can accomplish and manifest our vision of empowering, educating, and expanding the lives of those we engage for the purposes of decreasing violence and changing household dynamics.

Thank You in advance for your donation to help others Rise Above The Ordinary!

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