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About R.A.T.O

        Lakisha Hunter, also known as Chef K, based on her own experience as a youth in Chicago, has created a mentorship program called Rise Above The Ordinary (R.A.T.O.) that will satisfy the heart-felt need of youth for mentorship and culinary training.  
        R.A.T.O. is designed to meet the culinary and social development necessary for those youth enrolled in the program to be successful in the culinary industry.

        R.A.T.O. teaches the culinary industry concepts of food purchasing
and prep, cooking, operating a food truck and catering business, etc. Participants become
charged to start a business for themselves and rise above. Rise above stigmas, biases,
perceptions, and
any other negative labels placed on youth by society. Chef Hunter believes in
providing this experience to those in need of a second chance.


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Rise Above The Ordinary encourages underserved and at-risk youth in a month-long apprenticeship program, which includes food truck  to train the youth in culinary and social development.  The concepts taught in the program will prepare youth for work, business and life as a whole.  Chef Hunter believes this complete experience will provide youth a second chance that may not be available to them outside of participating in the program.

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