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My Story

Lakisha Hunteralso known as Chef K, was raised in the inner city of Chicago, and thereby relates to the unique experience of the youth in Chicago as per her own experience.  She is passionate about inspiring the next generation of Chefs and business owners in the culinary industry, as well as those in any industry.

        Chef K is well known in the city of Chicago as the owner of That Jerk Spot LLC, her culinary catering and food trucking business.

        Chef K's food, personality, and customer service are highly recommended throughout the city of Chicago.  Utilizing this entityChef K gives back to youth and families in communities  that are bound by poverty and violence.

        Chef K has created a mentorship program called Rise Above The Ordinary that will reach the heart of youth in need of mentorship and culinary training.  month-long apprenticeship program that is
designed to meet the culinary and social development needed for those youth enrolled in the program. Through learning concepts pertaining to the culinary industry from food purchasing
and prep, cooking, operating a food truck and catering business, etc. Participants become charged to start a business for themselves and rise above. Rise above stigmas, biases,
perceptions, and any other negative labels placed on youth by society. Chef Hunter believes in providing this experience to those in need of a second chance.

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